Hamilton County Department of Education announces Opportunity Zone leadership team

Opportunity Zone leadership team

Jill Levine, chief of Opportunity Zone

Saunya Goss, elementary director

Zac Brown, secondary director

Debbie Rosenow, coordinator of literacy

Brandon Hubbard-Heitz, literacy coach (6-12 focus)

Denver Huffstutler, coordinator of math and science

Anthony Goad, STEM coach

Brenda Boyd, behavior Specialist

Demetrius Wiley, exceptional education supervisor

Celeste Walton, exceptional education coach

Ten people will lead the Hamilton County Schools’ Opportunity Zone, and two more will join the team in the near future.

New system Superintendent Bryan Johnson last month announced his plan to launch an Opportunity Zone to support 12 of the district’s struggling schools. The zone will include schools in the Brainerd High and the Howard School feeder patterns and provide more staff, targeted support and a heightened urgency for improvement.

“The implementation of the Opportunity Zone shows the district and board commitment to becoming the fastest improving school system in Tennessee,” Johnson said in a prepared statement. “This team will support school communities and ensure there is a focus on all students graduating post-secondary ready.”

Jill Levine, chief of the Opportunity Zone, said the state approved the budget for the zone last week, and since then the district has “urgently assembled an exceptional team of top educators to lead this critical work.”

The new team will work with with the Tennessee Department of Education, and the state’s Partnership Zone will work within the Opportunity Zone. How that collaboration will work will be discussed in coming months as the county and state continue discussions about what exactly the Partnership Zone will look like.

Schools in the Opportunity Zone

Brainerd High

The Howard School

East Lake Middle Academy

Dalewood Middle

Orchard Knob Middle

Barger Academy of Fine Arts

Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy

Clifton Hills Elementary

East Lake Elementary

Hardy Elementary

Orchard Knob…

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