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High school student asks himself to homecoming with elaborate stunt –

LAKEWOOD, Wash., Sept. 30 (UPI) — A high school student in Washington planned an elaborate stunt to ask himself to homecoming in front of his classmates.

Edlaurenz Visaya Yamut shared photos and video of the proposal as he attempted to send a message to other students to not be ashamed about attending the event alone.

“So, a lot of people have been telling me that they aren’t going to homecoming because they don’t have a date. But, that’s perfectly fine–but not everyone sees that,” he said. “So, this is my effort in showing that it’s OK to go to homecoming by yourself.”

Yamut was guided into the crowded cafeteria wearing a blindfold until he stopped in front of a mirror as students dropped balloons and a pair of banners which read “Lawrence Homecoming?”

Once the blindfold was removed Yamut dropped to one knee and offered his proposal into the mirror.

“Lawrence, you’re the most…

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