Home Bargains is selling a speaker with Alexa for £49.99… and it’s £40 cheaper than the Amazon Echo

HOME Bargains is selling a wireless speaker that can be controlled by voice-activation.

The device, which is called the Bluetooth Buddy Speaker, is compatible with Alexa, giving it many of the same capabilities as Amazon’s Echo.

For £49.99 you can get this Bluetooth speaker that is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa

Both speakers work with the Alexa app, allowing you to play music, listen to the news and check the weather.

Another popular feature is smart technology controls, meaning you can operate lights and the heating simply by speaking to the device.

The Amazon Echo claims to “fill the room with immersive, 360º omni-directional audio”.

And the marketing for the Home Bargains option is similar, promising “Vertical Audio Configuration (that) lets sound expand through 360°, filling the entire room.”

Amazon’s Echo will undoubtedly be a popular choice for shoppers this Christmas
Both products can control smart home devices and play music via voice activation

To get hold of the budget-friendly Home Bargains product, you must pre-order online before December 4.

And currently, you can purchase an All-new Amazon Echo (2nd generation) for £89.99.

While this is £40 more expensive, it may be the more appealing option for some as it can send calls or messages via the Alexa app.

This is not a feature that’s mentioned on the Bluetooth Buddy Speaker’s listings.

But unlike Home Bargains’ option, Bluetooth isn’t supported on the Echo.

As well as this, Spotify is only “coming soon” to the pricier tech item, while it’s already supported by the high-street’s.

The Amazon Echo Show has even more capabilities than the Echo – including video call technology

While the Home Bargains option is similar to the Echo, newer models of the Amazon technology have even more functions to offer.

The Echo Show  allows users to view photos and videos – all activated by voice commands.

The gadget will even show song lyrics as music plays, while videos calls can be made to friends and family members who also have an Echo device.

The Echo Look, which is yet to reach general sale, is equally sophisticated.

It’s the first version housing a camera that can be controlled by voice – and even has an algorithm called Style Check, which will rate your outfit.

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