Honor Society Announces Fall 2017 Scholarship Recipients

Honor Society, a leading national academic and professional honor society, announced the Fall 2017 Scholarship Recipients on September 25, 2017. Seven recipients were chosen in categories including Community Service, Undergraduate/Graduate Achievers, and even a Study Abroad scholarship and will receive scholarships ranging from $1000 to $2000 per person.

Each of these students have excelled in some area of their academic career or personal life. Some of these students have demonstrated this through their volunteer work while others have focused on taking on a challenging curriculum and maintaining an impressive grade point average.

“These students have pushed themselves to go above and beyond in many different areas of in their lives,” said Honor Society Executive Director, Michael Moradian. “These scholarships are a way to recognize these inspirational people for working hard to excel in their academics and leadership skills. We are proud of what these Honor Society members have achieved and look forward to what they will accomplish in the future!”

The Fall 2017 Scholarship period is one of many rounds of scholarships offered by Honor Society. Scholarship recipients are glad they joined in order to take advantage of the year-round scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Recipients and Finalists:

Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient – Stefanie Kribbeler, Townson University – Stefanie is on the Dean’s list at her school and has a 4.0 GPA in working to become a nurse.

Graduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient – Crina Floruta, University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine – Crina is in the Department of Neurosciences MD/PhD Program at University of New Mexico working on a project focused on stem cell replacement therapy for stroke patients and just passed Phase I of medical school with Honors.

Core Values Scholarships Recipient – Isabella Esguerra, University of Nevada, Reno – Isabella is on the UNR Dean’s List and won a gold medal in graphic design for the Skills USA State Conference.

Member Spotlight Scholarship Recipient – Jazzmine Mangler, University Of Iowa – Jazzmine is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability and Wind Energy and would like to continue on to receive a master’s degree in Geographical and Sustainability Sciences along with a second master’s…

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