How Danny Wolf Spoke His Producer Dreams Into Atlanta Rap Reality

It’s not very common for an intern to get signed.

It was just me working hard, and [Nate and Rip] saw it. They were like, “You know what, we’re going to sign you because we feel like you’re about to be a part of something big,” and you know, they were right. Now they trust me with whatever I do and they know that I have the ear for who’s up next and who to work with. I’m always early-in with everybody’s careers. I haven’t been wrong yet.

It seems like faith and strong belief in yourself are pretty constant themes in your life.

I think God really blessed me with the gift of faith. I’ve always been a positive person, even when like my mom was going through shit, I was like, “Don’t worry, it’s gonna get better, I don’t know how but it’s gonna get better.” I never been the type to sit down and pout, I just changed the situation.

I’m right in the heart of Atlanta where things happen. I feel that me being here, surrounded by so much talent and being open minded and accepting — I’m a big fan of the law of attraction, mental knowledge, and reading and understanding how the world and the universe works. That’s a big aspect of it, too.

What kind of stuff do you read?

Four Agreements, The 48 Laws of Power, Thinking And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, man, there’s so many. Reading stuff like that, you get to dissect what’s the best and make the best out of it. Reading the Bible a lot, too. People are so sleep on the Bible, it has so much wisdom in it. I grew up in a religious household and I hated reading the Bible. My mom would make me read it — the entire bible. TWICE. It went through one ear and out the other, and I didn’t even give a shit about it. But now, the older I get and the more I’m around certain people and certain energies, I’m like, Dang, this shit is pretty insightful. The Quran, too, and the book of Buddha — all these ancient books.

Having a bit of faith and speaking it out loud — so many people speak bad shit upon their lives, and they act so surprised when bad shit happens. I’ve been learning to stop judging others, to stop speaking bad into my career, focusing all of my energy on myself and it’s actually been working out. I was even watching the NBA finals…

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