How to start working out: 1 exercise to do every day

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a diet or weight-loss program? Or are you just short on time and looking for little things you can do to feel better about your body? We have a cheat sheet to help you get started.

Here’s a list of small exercises you can do for five areas of your body. Each day has a different move! Stick to this routine and you’ll notice a change in just a few weeks.

Monday: Stand and squeeze

You can do this exercise whenever you’re standing, and even while you’re waiting in line!

First, stand with your feet a couple of inches apart, and make sure your heels are directly behind your toes. With your feet straight, pull your abs in and begin to squeeze the inner thighs together. As you do that, you’ll notice your knees start to hit each other. To prevent this, think of externally rotating your shins so that your lower legs are pulling apart from each other. Now you’ll be engaging your inner thighs and keeping your knee joints protected. Do this for 60 seconds!

Tuesday: Butt lift

Try this exercise: Start on your hands and knees on the carpet or a yoga mat. Place your hands directly underneath your shoulders, and your knees directly underneath your hips, hip-width apart. Engage your abs, and then lift the right knee off the ground. Keep the leg bent, and press the right foot up towards the ceiling. Keep the foot flexed, and think of “raising the roof” with the right foot.

You’ll feel your glutes engage. Do this 20 times on the right leg, and then switch to the left leg.

3 exercises to tone your glutes

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3 exercises to tone your glutes

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