How Your Company Can Use Both Outsourced and In-House Marketing

I run a marketing agency, yet I’m the first to say that outsourcing all your marketing is probably the wrong move. For many companies, an in-house marketing team is the best option, and outsourcing marketing should only be done for special projects. However, having a full-time marketing team isn’t a luxury all midsize companies can afford. However, without one, you can miss out on opportunities to grow faster and increase profits.

If you feel your marketing team is lacking a few key people because they’re just too darned expensive, you aren’t alone. According to All Business Schools, the annual salary for a single marketer ranges from $61,000 to more than $120,000 — which is more than just a drop in the bucket for growing companies.

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This is why many smaller businesses choose to outsource their marketing talent. Some may hire an outsourced CMO like Chris Knudsen, Anfernee Chansamooth or Randy Scott, or a company that can function as such, like Hawke Media. Individuals and companies like this make suggestions and decisions on how best to market your services without breaking the bank on a dedicated in-house team.

While outsourcing your marketing to a more experienced partner may be the best bet for some, it isn’t necessarily what all companies need. You may have a partially filled team and simply want to ensure you’ve got everything covered. For anyone in this boat, here are the essential knowledge gaps you need to fill so you don’t sink:

1. Tech knowledge.

The number of systems required to integrate distribution channels and marketing mediums is mind-blowing. “You have to have much more than a cursory understanding of the underlying technologies involved in the entire ecosystem to successfully establish metrics that enable you to manage a marketing program,” says Christine Alemany, chief growth advisor for Trailblaze Growth Advisors.

Technology changes with the wind, and even if your marketing team is up to speed in nine out of 10 areas, it’s better to outsource that one project that can’t be completed well internally. Video production, for example, can be a big blind spot for many marketing teams, but there’s no need to leave your company’s recruitment video to a shaky hand and a camcorder. Agencies such as Creatably can provide strategic and creative advice on how to create viral content while others like Lemonlight Media can deliver high-quality visual content at a fraction of…

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