I Actually Like Kylie Jenner’s New Reality TV Show

For someone who claims the world doesn’t know much about her, we sure do see a lot of Kylie Jenner. One minute she’s fingermouthing for a selfie on Snapchat and Instagram. The next she’s at the center of a cultural appropriation scandal. And now, we find out she’s five years shy of turning her cosmetic line into a billion-dollar beauty empire. It’s not even about keeping up anymore, it’s about catching up. 

To those brave souls who dare flirt with Kardashian-Jenner overload, the 20-year-old has followed in her older sisters’ well-heeled footsteps and scored a reality TV gig all her own. “Life of Kylie,” which premiered on E! last Sunday night, promises viewers access to what our social media feeds and the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cameras don’t show: a look at the “real” Kylie Jenner. And just who is she? Judging by the first two episodes, she’s not exactly the most relatable figure. She’s someone who feels “so bad” about not taking her Lamborghini out for a spin. She employs a glam squad that doubles as her friend group. She eats McDonald’s french fries with pierced nails.

But she’s also a young woman who craves a sense of normalcy in an endearing Miley-Cyrus-by-day-and-Hannah-Montana-by-night kind of way. She’s a ride-or-die friend with a twisted sense of humor. And she had my eyes glued to the screen for an hour of reality TV that was more fun and fresh than the Kardashian flagship has been in years. 

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