Imagination Playground Announces 2017 Build-A-Thon Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner Kaylee from Kansas

I’m the happiest kid in the world!

With the end of their annual Build-A-Thon Contest, Imagination Playground, LLC announced today that winners have been selected. Now in its second year, Imagination Playground’s Build-A-Thon contest encourages kids to create with Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks, and enter their builds to win prizes. Kids 2-10 can build at any of Imagination Playground’s Sponsor locations or using Imagination Playground’s 3D Builder app.

The 2017 prize pool featured a Grand Prize of an all-expenses-paid trip to build at the Imagination Playground Park in New York City and a 105-piece set of Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks. Additionally, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for both digital and physical builds were awarded—over 500 winners in all. Winners have the option to keep the prizes or donate to their favorite school or family center.

The Grand Prize was awarded to an inventive girl, Kaylee, from Kansas who built her winning creation at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center. Her mother, Rebecca, recalls how the creation came to life and says she originally set out to build a flower but as she placed the second petal Kaylee exclaimed, “look mom, it looks like an elephant head!” Kaylee proceeded to look for blocks to build the body and legs of the elephant, going on to say, “it was so creative to watch her start with one idea and then transform the build into something entirely different when she got the inspiration.” Kaylee’s enthusiasm could not be contained as her mom told her of her Grand Prize win, and after a few moments of squeals of delight she said, “I’m the happiest kid in the world!”

Here is a complete list of winners (click here to see photos

Grand Prize: Kaylee, Age 8 -Trip to Imagination Playground Park in New York City and a 105-Piece Big Block Set

1st Place: A 105-Piece Big Block Set awarded to Azael, Age 6 (physical build) and Vanessa, Age 8 (digital build)

2nd Place: A 55-Piece Big Block Set awarded to Evelyn, Age 6 (physical build) and Ashwil, Age 5 (digital build)

3rd Place: Mini Pop-Out Playgrounds for the first 500 entries

Imagination Playground President Dave Krishock said, “It was such a delight to watch the video Kaylee’s mom shared with us of her reaction to the big win! Bringing joy to children is what this contest is all about! Our second annual Build-A-Thon contest was even more successful than last year and we look forward to many contests for years to come where we can offer a platform for kids to build, create and feel proud of their creations as they submit to the contest. It just gets better every year!”

The second annual Build-A-Thon contest has been…

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