IndustrySafe Launches a Mobile App to Help Organizations Improve Safety Inspections

We’ve designed our app to be very intuitive so that it’s simple and easy for users to record inspections on the go.

IndustrySafe, a leading safety management software, is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile inspections app. This app allows workers to conduct EHS inspections from their mobile devices, with or without internet access.

The mobile app works in conjunction with IndustrySafe’s Inspections Module, part of a comprehensive suite of additional safety software tools, including training and incident management.

Designed for field use, the mobile app provides employees with the ability to perform safety audits and inspections at job sites and remote locations.

Workers can use their organization’s own existing inspection checklists within the app, or download a variety of pre-built checklists, including facility safety, construction site safety, building safety, vehicle safety, fire safety, forklift safety, ladder safety checklists, and more.

Inspectors can quickly take and attach photos to inspection line items, drop a pin to find their exact GPS location, and create corrective actions on the spot for identified deficiencies.

“A great user experience is essential to mobile app development,” states Gabe Tompkins, IndustrySafe Senior Product Manager. “We’ve designed our app to be very intuitive so that it’s simple and easy for users to record inspections on the go. For example, you can select a status for all items in a checklist section with just two taps of your finger,” he adds.

Inspection results can be submitted to the IndustrySafe software for detailed analysis and review by key team members as soon as web access is available. With data provided by the IndustrySafe mobile app, companies can compare safety and health indicators across modules, viewing inspection rate completions, corrective actions, incident rates and more.

“The growing use of mobile technology has had a huge impact on the safety industry within the past few years,” explains Clare Epstein, IndustrySafe Vice President. “Strategic use of mobile applications can really save safety professionals considerable time and energy, and play a valuable role in streamlining inspection programs. Today, using tools such as…

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