Inside SEC football numbers: Georgia trumps all other programs in a hot-button topic — support staff spending | LSU

HOOVER, Ala. — On LSU’s football staff last year, there were two administrative analysts and an administrative coordinator.

There was a player personnel analyst and a player personnel director. There was a coordinator of defensive operations and one for the offense, too.

At Georgia, there are folks in the football office with titles like director of player development, director of player personnel, director of player wellness and director of football performance nutrition.

At Alabama, there are seven people listed on the school’s website with the same two-word title: football analyst. There are three more who share the title of assistant director of player personnel.

All of these are support staff positions, and the Southeastern Conference is rife with them. They are the behind-the-scenes members of a football program, much lower paid and more overlooked than the seven full-time position assistants and two coordinators.

Their jobs, though, can be critical — from analyzing opponent film to strategizing game plans, from organizing recruiting travel to monitoring players’ class schedules.

None of them can coach on the field or recruit off campus, but schools spend millions to keep their lavish football buildings stocked with these, sometimes, faceless employees with ambiguous titles.

In fact, Georgia spent more than $4.4 million on its football support staff in the 2015-16 academic year, according to documents obtained from The Advocate. The Bulldogs easily led the league in support staff pay, about $1.5 million more than the second-highest program: Alabama.

LSU was ninth in the league in support staff pay at $1.6 million, and Kentucky was last at $1.06 million.

HOOVER, Ala. — Alabama hasn’t lost a Southeastern Conference football game in 22 months.

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