Instantaneous Replay Ads Can Double Your Revenue

The world of digital advertising is expanding at a rapid pace. New advertisement methods are being introduced, exploited, and are saturating the market more quickly than ever before.

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Methods that worked like a charm a year back lose their effectiveness soon unless brands know how to keep on innovating and experimenting.

As advertisement mediums keep on transforming into newer and better shapes, advertisers need to identify the right moments to latch on to upcoming and novel channels to broadcast their branding messages in an impactful manner. And in that sense, this is the perfect time for brands to jump aboard the real time advertising. Let’s tell you more.

What is real time advertising?

Real time advertising is centered on the idea of taking the latest content and augmenting it with a brand’s logo. Using the crisp branding message and broadcasting it across networks and platforms is where users will engage with the content because of its recency and freshness.

This approach of digital advertising makes use of already created content and exposes relevant audiences to it, grabbing eyeballs because of its impact. We see this driving prospects to more content rich online destinations such as YouTube channel pages, landing pages, etc.

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The core pillar of real time advertising, of course, is recency. In order to transform the latest content into a lot of online interest, the content needs to capture the high impact, unexpected and sought after moments.

Instantaneous replay ads are an application of real time advertising.

Think of it — what makes replays so high on engagement power when you watch a soccer game? The reason? The replay shows you a highly interesting, high impact, or memorable moment. When you miss out on that goal, it’s the replay you need to feel alive again.

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Now, imagine how engaging such a replay would be on a web page a soccer fan is browsing. Expect instant engagement, and most likely a click on the advertisement, which will take the surfer to the broadcaster’s online streaming service’s landing page.

Another instance may be something like a five-second clip of Donald Trump’s viral smirk from the day’s public address, bombarded on web pages that cover world politics stories. A click on the auto-replaying video advertisement takes the web browser to the…

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