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Apple looks set to ditch its Touch ID fingerprint sensor in favour of 3D face scanning on the .

Dubbed Face ID, the new face scanning technology is purportedly quicker, more secure, and more accurate than Touch ID.

Code linked to the upcoming feature has been unearthed within, which was accidentally published by Apple earlier this month.

Renown Apple tipster Mark Gurman has also spoken about Face ID.

According to his sources, the face scanning technology will be used to log-in, authenticate contactless payments and open secure iOS apps.

iPhone 8 will use a new 3D sensor on the front of the device to scan users’ faces.

According to those working on the new technology, the sensor is capable of scanning a user’s face and unlocking the iPhone in a few hundred milliseconds.


iPhone 8 looks set to include a similar face unlock feature as the Galaxy S8, but better

It is designed to work even when the smartphone is placed on a table, rather than held up close to the face, it has been reported.

The sensor records more individual data points than a fingerprint scanner, which in theory, makes it more secure than Touch ID.

Samsung included face scanning technology inside its latest flagship phone, .

However the South Korean technology company admits that the system is not as secure as iris scanning and fingerprint recognition, both of which are also built into the device.

At the launch of the Galaxy S8, Periscope user Marcianophone published a video that purports to show the Galaxy S8 face scanning technology tricked by a selfie displayed on another phone.


Samsung Galaxy S8 shipped with a face unlock feature earlier this year

Speaking at the time, a Samsung spokesperson said: “The Galaxy S8 provides various…

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