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Apple has published a slew of new data on its Face ID facial scanning technology

Apple has published more details about iPhone X on its website.

The new flagship smartphone will be launched worldwide on November 3rd 2017.

The Cupertino-based company today updated its privacy page with more information about the Face ID facial recognition system in the .

Since the iPhone X does not have a physical Home Button (and therefore, doesn’t have the Touch ID fingerprint scanner embedded in the button) Apple has opted for facial recognition.

iPhone X scans your face to unlock the device, as well as authenticate contactless payments and secure apps and content.

has shared details about how the technology inside the iPhone X keeps users’ information private.

Interestingly, the initial set-up process is only the start of the process with Face ID.

Once users have registered their face into the system, Face ID will continuously update its model by saving images after a successful login.

According to Apple, these updated photographs never leave the handset.

Face ID uses these images to adapt to any changes in your face – which explains why the system will not be thrown as you grow a beard, buy new glasses, or wear a hat.

iPhone X gains a much more complete idea of what you look like, thanks to the new images periodically incorporated into the model.

That means you do not simply have to match the photograph taken when you initially set-up the phone.

If Face ID fails five times in a row – Apple requires users to unlock the iPhone with a passcode.

The system them analyses an image of your face to look for any changes it failed to account for and update its data accordingly. 


The edge-to-edge iPhone X ditches the physical Home Button – and therefore, the fingerprint scanner

Apple states: “To improve unlock performance and keep pace with the natural changes of your face…

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