Is coffee laced with butter the key to weight loss?


These days there are so many types of trendy new coffees, from pumpkin spice lattes to coconut flat whites. But are you ready for the most outlandish yet — Bulletproof coffee?

Made by blending a knob of butter and a large glug of special oil with black coffee, it’s taken the U.S. by storm, where it has become a multi-million-dollar industry. And now it’s coming here.

David Beckham and singer Ed Sheeran are said already to be among its celebrity fans.

The secret to its success lies in the near miraculous benefits devotees claim come from drinking it, which include dramatic weight loss and increased mental clarity and energy.

So, should you give it a go? And, more importantly, can it really work?

Butter coffee, otherwise known as bulletproof coffee, was developed in America (no surprises there) but what is surprising is its effects on weightloss


The drink was invented in America, perhaps unsurprisingly, by 43-year-old Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey after he ‘felt amazing’ when drinking a traditional yak-butter tea on a trek in Tibet.

On his return to the U.S., he made his own version of the high-fat drink using coffee, a special oil and butter — and found that by drinking the mixture instead of eating breakfast, he lost weight easily.

That’s despite the fact that one cup of Bulletproof coffee contains up to 500 calories and around 51g of fat (women are recommended to consume 36g to 62g of this a day), of which more than 70 per cent is saturated — the most harmful to our health.

Asprey claims it works thanks to the coffee boosting your metabolism, while the oil forces the body into a fat-burning mode which melts away a muffin-top or unwanted tummy quickly.

So committed to the drink is he that he gives his two young children an espresso-cup measure every morning ‘because the oil turns off their hunger’. He has now reportedly shed around 7st by drinking the coffee.

Asprey was quick to see the potential in his invention after a recipe he posted online became wildly popular. He now sells coffee beans (at around £40/kg) and specialised oil so people can make their own ‘official’ Bulletproof coffee, and boasts millions of fans, from school-gate mums to Silicon Valley millionaires in search of a quick mental boost.

The stuff has appeared in coffee shops all over the U.S.,…

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