KING: Charlottesville is an ugly reminder racism thrives in 2017

If you ever wondered what it would be like to live in 1937 or 1957, you don’t have to look far. We are living in it.

America is an ugly place.

Dressed in khakis and polos, bearing torches, donning Nazi memorabilia, and chanting anti-black, anti-LGBT, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant chants, white supremacist bigots have descended on Charlottesville, Va., in droves in what may very well be the largest public demonstration of its kind in generations.

With almost no resistance from local police, these public bigots have marched and stomped all over town giving Nazi salutes while chanting “f— you, f—-ts.” They have yelled every racial slur imaginable and have done so with the full knowledge that they were being filmed.

Melania Trump speaks out on Charlottesville before President

They don’t the mind the spotlight.

Why would they? Their President, who they love and adore, was voted into office in a white supremacist surge. They attended his rallies and events.

Donald Trump has been an immoral, offensive man for decades, but it was not until he put the very humanity of Barack Obama in his crosshairs that he became a cult hero to white supremacists from coast to coast.

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

If Donald Trump can target and harass women, immigrants, Muslims, the disabled, the poor, and so many others with threats of physical violence and cruel insults and taunts, why can’t they?

All of this hate, all of this ugliness, all of this bigotry and racism, didn’t come out of nowhere.

White nationalist rally in Virginia triggers state of emergency

Yes, hate and bigotry are baked into the cake that is the United States of America, but ever since this nation, after electing 43 white men as President of the United States, opted to elect and re-elect Barack Hussein Obama, public bigotry and hate crimes have been on the rise.

Not only that, but for years now, Donald Trump has been at the center of that hate — being the most visible spokesman for the racist birther movement that claimed President Obama was illegitimately elected because he’s not actually an American, but is a secret African or an undercover Muslim who was determined to ruin the nation from the inside.

No more famous American parroted the talking points of this movement than Donald Trump — even going so far as to publicly…

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