Know How to Lose Stress Weight

Most people don’t consider stress as a reason for gaining weight. Most of us live with the myth that stress causes loss of weight. But research has shown that stress is a major reason behind gaining weight and this disturbs the balance of ideal body mass index.  Stressed people tend to get overweight.

How one gains weight due to excess stress?

 Our body secrets cortisol hormones when we are in stress. Cortisol ceases unnecessary brain function and increases our metabolic rate. This gives us extra attention or energy to keep us focused about the stress causing factor. If you an aggressive boss or partner who lends you with stresses every now and then, your body will secret more cotisol. Along with cortisol, body also releases insulin. Insulin increases our hunger. Thus we tend to over eat at times when we are heavily stressed and see food as a way to escape stress. But we should strictly avoid that practice. To lose stress weight, one should follow the following points—

  • The key to lose stress weight is to reduce your stress levels. If your office environment is too much stressed out and chocks your normal being, it’s time to switch things! Try finding a new and better job which less stressful and easy to handle
  • Try to lead a healthy and balance life
  • Have proper foods and nutrients at regular intervals of time
  • Go for some physical activities to lighten up your burdens
  • Hang out with friends and families
  • Read books and novel
  • Watch movies and listen to music
  • Develop positive frame of mind
  • Check your interests and do things related to them
  • Keep yourself happy. Join some communities or group
  • Laughter therapy- just try it
  • Avoid drugs or alcohol
  • Try meditation or yoga every day
  • Control your anger. Try proper breathing techniques. Try long deep breaths from belly
  • To lose stress weight try physical exercises
  • Consult a counsellor if you feel like
  • Relax-relax-relax ! Do whatever you feel like but it should have calming effects
  • Do something creative in your free time. Eg- painting, gardening etc.  It will help to lose stress weight by diminishing stress

Once you are done away doing these stress busting techniques you will live a stress free life and hence lose stress weight. The point is that the less you will get stressed, the less your body will release cortisol. Lesser secretion of cortisol will ensure that least insulin is released. Least insulin means you will not overeat and get overweight. Thus you will feel considerable change in your food habits…

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