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The Daily Express has learned how an unknown male driver deliberately slammed on the brakes in front of the distinctive white vehicle of Rebekah Vardy while their children Sofia, two, and baby Finley, just two months, were strapped in the back of the vehicle.

Rebekah swerved around the car, whose driver gesticulated wildly from behind the wheel, shouting, “****ing Vardy!” Understandably emotional, she managed to complete her journey before ringing friends in tears to tell them what had just happened.

The incident occurred close to the family’s home on the same day erroneous reports had emerged suggesting Vardy was at a meeting of senior players in Seville that had ultimately led to the sacking of Claudio Ranieri.

Yesterday, Leicester ace Vardy admitted the subsequent trauma that has been affecting his family in the last few weeks, both in real life and online, has been “terrifying”.

Speaking at England’s training headquarters at St George’s Park ahead of the friendly in Germany tomorrow, he said: “I was supposed to be personally involved in a meeting when I was actually sat in anti-doping for three hours.

“But of course the story is out there and people pick it up and jump on it and suddenly you’re getting death threats about your family, kids, everything.

“I try just to get on with it, but when people are trying to cut your missus up while she’s driving along, with the kids in the back of the car, it is terrifying.”

The couple decided against getting the police involved in the incident. “People get cut up but if there’s no cameras you’re screwed,” Vardy continued.

“Then on social media, you name it – walking down the street. All that can happen is they get banned on Twitter.”

Vardy was at pains to point out he did not think it was specifically Leicester fans behind the incident involving his wife or the death threats. Indeed, it seems it was only the fact the life of his family had physically been threatened, together with the…

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