Let a Long Island Divorce Lawyer Handle Your Separation Agreements

Going through divorce is among the hardest things you should face. Your personal struggle is hard enough to take care of, and you also have to go through the due process of filing divorce. This can be tough, specifically if you are in an area like New York, where divorce proceedings expect you to learn more than just family law. Consult Long Island divorce lawyers prior to making any decisions.

Dissolution of marriage in New York involves several sections of law. In addition to family and divorce law, you must also know your rights under commercial, real estate property, bankruptcy, and criminal laws. These will play a vital role once you start discussing child support, custody and visitation rights, spousal support, division of property, and separation. Your Long Island divorce attorney will study your case and represent your best interests during court appearances, ensuring you reach an amiable arrangement with your own future ex-spouse. Know some of the areas your lawyer will help you with.

Estate Division

The state recognizes your marriage as a partnership of equals, therefore, you must divide all marital properties equally in case of divorce. Your Long Island divorce lawyer can help establish which estates are marital properties and which aren’t.  New York laws will not demand you to split individual earnings, but you should divide co-mingled assets equally. This includes your marital home and joint banking accounts.


State laws on spousal support are gender-neutral. You can make an application for support whether you’re a husband or a wife when your situation requires it. Discuss your own financial standing together with your lawyer, and look at the properties you might retain and lose after finalizing the divorce. They’re going to present your financial standing in court with your desired alimony. A legal court will factor these in and various other instances, like marital misconduct, and decide the ideal amount.

Child Custody, Visitation and Support

Any court puts a child’s needs when discussing custody and visitation rights. Your individual and financial capacity will probably be under scrutiny, and the court may grant joint or sole custody based on your willingness to cooperate with your own spouse and your capacity to raise children. Speak to your Long Island divorce attorney before moving out of the marital home. Leaving ahead of the court reaches a conclusion jeopardizes the chances of you obtaining custody, and they can suggest steps to protect both you and your children while the proceedings progress. They’re going to also help you determine reasonable child support.

Uncontested Divorce

Amicable divorces tend to be more common than complicated ones, since most spouses are determined to reach a mutual agreement. This reduces your expenses and only requires one divorce attorney. Your lawyer will prepare and process the essential paperwork to finalize your divorce. A legal court may ask you to appear once or a few times, but it…

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