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The annual Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music will deliver a musical experience unlike what many have ever experienced. The festival’s performances will try to make people rethink the limits of what music can really be.   

The Lipa Festival will take place over three days this week on Sept. 25, Sept. 27 and Sept. 28. All events are free of charge and open to the public.

The festival’s musical theme is electroacoustic music. Its events will consist of talks given by guest composers about electroacoustic composition and electroacoustic improvisation in performance. There will also be two separate performances of electroacoustic music throughout the festival. The goal with the festival is to expose people to electroacoustic music, which is a genre not widely heard or known.

The festival has been organized by Christopher Hopkins, associate professor of music, since he took it over in 2004. The year after he started running it, he decided to have the festival specifically focus on electroacoustic music.

“The opportunity to see this [type of musical performance] is rare. In part because it is brand new and not well known,” said Hopkins. “It’s a rare and special thing.”

Electroacoustic music can be classified as an experimental form of electronic music. The term “electroacoustic” refers to music made by computer technology that works with transforming sounds. Though there are different styles of electroacoustic music, a typical composition explores textures of sounds. Composers often focus on creating sounds and arrangements never heard before.


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