Local humane society makes way for improvements

EL CENTRO, Calif. – It was demolition day Tuesday morning at the Humane Society of Imperial County.

Multiple companies pitched in to cover cost and provide the labor to make way for renovations, but there is no exact word on what will take the place of the old building.

Over half a dozen companies have partnered together to provide this service for the humane society. Chelsea Investment Corporation along with Emmerson Construction, A&R Construction, SERVPRO, Havens & Sons Trucking and IV Landfill are footing the bill for this project, the cost, around $13,000.

 “Now we have a clean slate, it’s a flat pad that could be used for some type of structure to alleviate the overcrowding here and to get, hopefully the animals into a climate controlled structure,” said Jan Percival, President of Scribe Communications and Human Society Volunteer.

That is just one of the ideas for the new available space, but the plan it not yet set in place.

 “One of them is maybe opening up a grooming salon to provide that service to the community because that seems to be something that people are interested in,” said Devon Apodaca, Director of Humane Society of Imperial County.

Two buildings were originally donated to the humane society, but only one building was salvageable.

 “Unfortunately when it was set up, part of the building had fallen off and so it wasn’t able to be used, and so it has just been sitting there the last couple of years,” added Apodaca.

 “The imperial valley has been very good to us over the years so when people ask us for things, we go ahead and try to take care of them, especially something like this for the humane society. i know they work on a tight budget, so we feel honored to be over here to help them out,”…

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