London ambulance crew ‘attacked by a coach driver as they helped seriously ill OAP because he didn’t like how they parked’

AN ambulance crew were attacked by a coach driver while treating a seriously ill OAP, police said.

One paramedic was assaulted in the suspected road rage attack and a second was left “shaken” by the ordeal at 9am today.

An ambulance crew were allegedly attacked by a coach driver while treating a patient in South London today

The ambulance had stopped briefly on double yellows as the crew treated a patient in Camberwell, South London.

Police said the suspect was angry at how the ambulance was parked.

He pushed one paramedic and verbally abused both. They were not badly hurt but were so shaken they could not finish their shift.

The attack meant a SECOND ambulance had to be called to transport the elderly woman to hospital.

A man was arrested nearby and taken for questioning.

Southwark Police tweeted a picture of a police car beside the ambulance and said: “Ldn_Ambulance called for urgent assistance to #SE5 for their crew being assaulted by a coach driver!

“The crew assaulted whilst treating a seriously ill patient! The crew are shaken and will now not be able to finish their shift, but no serious injury thankfully #ProtectTheProtectors.

“The crew are assisting us with statements and then they will be finished for the day. Both are safe and well thankfully.”

Met Police

Southwark Police tweeted that a paramedic was assaulted by a coach driver, who was arrested nearby

The local force added: “One of the ambulance crew was pushed repeatedly and both were verbally abused and threatened whilst trying to treat a seriously ill patient.

“The incident started over the suspect not liking where the ambulance was parked.”

Witness Gavin Higgins said the attacker was driving a coach from the firm Red Wings.

He said on Twitter: “Pretty revolting behaviour towards anyone, let alone someone from the emergency services.”

He later tweeted the London Ambulance Service saying: “I just want to say you guys are amazing and I hope you don’t have to deal with this s*** too often.

“We’ve spoken to the police, I hope you’re staff are ok.”

Darren Farmer, the service’s assistant director of operations, said: “It will never be OK to assault our staff who are naturally shaken by this shocking incident.

“On this…

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