Long-awaited repairs start at Lawrencetown Beach – Nova Scotia

One of Nova Scotia’s most popular seaside spots is getting some long-awaited repairs to its beach house and parking lot.

The beach house at Lawrencetown has been without running water for more than a year, leaving only outhouses and portable toilets for surfers and other visitors to the beach, which is located within a provincial park about 30 kilometres east of Halifax.

“Lawrencetown is within a dune system, so it’s a little bit more of a challenge to find water in the area, so we had to go outside of the dunes to get it in the wetlands,” said Matt Parker, parks director with the Department of Natural Resources. 

The washrooms and changing facilities at the beach house at Lawrencetown have been closed for more than a year due to problems with the water system. Although the water will be fixed this summer, the aging building is due to be replaced. (CBC)

3 major projects

Parker said if construction remains on schedule, he hopes the water connection should be re-established in about two weeks. The portable toilets will be removed after that. 

The parking lot is also getting an upgrade, with crews laying down earth and sod in one section to create a picnic area while the remainder is being resurfaced.

The work is expected to take about two weeks, providing workers have access to the site.

“It’s a very popular, busy beach so sometimes they don’t get a lot of a window to do work before visitors show up,” Parker said.  

Crews dump and spread a load of topsoil in the Lawrencetown Beach parking lot, prior to putting down sod to make a picnic area. (CBC)

The boardwalk has been ripped up and replaced with a crusher dust trail, which ties in with the Atlantic View Trail surface. 

“We were experiencing quite a bit of rot in our boardwalk, which posed a significant health and safety concern for our visitors,” Parker said. 

“We did regular inspections but it was a challenge to keep up with it.”

The province has spent about $80,000 on the three projects so far.

‘It’s about time’

Author Lesley Choyce, who lives near Lawrencetown Beach and visits regularly to walk and surf, questioned why it’s taken more than a year to start the work.

“Some of the other provincial parks are in beautiful shape. If you go to Clam Harbour or Taylor Head, they’re wonderfully designed, wonderfully taken care of,” he said.

“[Lawrencetown] seems to have gone to the very bottom of the list.” 

Choyce said “it’s about time” the beach…

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