LSU Police: EA Sports employee arrested after he left man unresponsive from heroin overdose at LSU Digital Media Center | Crime/Police

An Electronic Arts employee was arrested on an attempted murder count after a 25-year-old man was found unresponsive from a heroin overdose Friday at LSU’s Digital Media Center, according to arrest records.

Joshua Brian, 33, is accused of giving the 25-year-old man heroin and making no attempt to aid the victim after he overdosed in the bathroom stall next to him, according to Brian’s arrest report. 

LSU police and EMS, responding to a report about the situation, found the man in a stall with a syringe in his arm, along with a spoon and a lighter in the stall, the report says. 

The man was not breathing, but EMS was able to resuscitate him with Narcan, a drug that can counteract the effects of an opioid overdose, the report says. He was transported to an area hospital for further treatment.

LSU police detectives later spoke with the victim, who said he met with a man named “John” at the Digital Media Center who gave him an “unknown amount of heroin free of charge,” the report says. The victim said they both used heroin in the restroom and he could only remember waking up on the floor and being treated by EMS, the report says.

LSU detectives reviewed surveillance footage that show the victim and Brian entering the Digital Media Center and heading toward the restrooms. About 10 minutes later, Brian could be seen leaving the restroom “in a frantic state,” the report says. He appeared “to have a lost sense of direction” and went outside before coming back and going up the stairs toward the area used by EA Sports employees, the report says.

Brian was identified as an employee of EA Sports, a division of video game giant Electronic Arts, which operates its Baton Rouge location on the top floor of the LSU Digital Media Center.

LSU Police reported that Brian did not attempt to notify staff or emergency responders of the situation and he made no attempt to aid the victim, as the bathroom stall door was closed when the victim was found.

Electronic Arts, which includes its EA Sports division, established a presence on the LSU South Campus in 2008 and later moved to the LSU Digital Media Center. The company does quality assurance, project management, data analytics and software engineering at its Baton Rouge location on the top floor of the Digital Media Center, according to its website.

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