Man with learning disabilities drives for the first time

A company in Essex is helping adults with learning disabilities achieve the dreams that most people may take for granted.

Live a Little is a ‘specialist day service’ that offers activities, days out and general comrade for adults living with special needs, like Alfie Jay Sherwood, who wanted to learn how to drive.

Video posted on the organisation’s YouTube page shows 26-year-old Alfie behind the wheel for the first time.

He’s taken through all the compulsory driving tasks, from backing out to a three-point turn.

Live a Little was started four-and-a-half years ago by Ray Tomkins, 31.

The service works in the Hertfordshire, greater Essex area, where Alfie has been involved since the beginning.

26-year-old Alfie Jay Sherwood gets behind the wheel for the first time, pictured, with Ray Tomkins from Live a Little

Alfie, pictured, was a natural behind the wheel and he hopes to one day pass his driver’s test

Alfie, pictured, is loved in his community and has always been involved with the organisation Live a Little

Ray told MailOnline: ‘I have always been keen on sports and, through Alfie, I started to volunteer at The Special Olympics East Herts football team.

‘I really enjoyed doing this and was inspired by how much they all enjoyed the game and being part of a team. 

‘I then thought if I could provide a service where young adults with special needs could come as many days as they want to a place where we offer something different every day.

Each morning Ray and the group, of approximately seven give or take, discuss what they want to do with the day- in the summer, for example, they may head to an outdoor pool.

According to Ray, Alfie always wanted to drive. 

Live a Little wants to help adults living with special needs achieve their dreams, Alfie, pictured, is one of them

Alfie, pictured, was a natural at driving and he looks like he’s a natural at style too

Ray said: ‘I started teaching Alfie to drive as a hobby and he was a natural.

‘I am not a qualified driving instructor so am only able to teach my clients to drive as a hobby.’

Ray hopes that videos like the one of Alfie driving will help shed light on how adults with special needs do have the ability to learn to drive and assist in fighting the stigma associated with their ability to pass a test.

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