In the city of Mission,TX, activists are expected to gather at Our Lady of the Guadalupe Catholic Church for a prayer walk to La Lomita – the chapel that inspired the city’s name – ending on the chapel’s grounds with a rally and picnic.
USA Today Network – Texas

MISSION, Texas — Gracie Ramos is accustomed to her beliefs taking her miles by foot across South Texas streets.

She and the other faithful of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church trek each Palm Sunday from the large brick church to the small, simply structured La Lomita, a chapel not far from the banks of the Rio Grande and the inspiration for the name of the city where she has always lived — Mission.

Saturday, she and hundreds of others walked the same 4-mile route through the heavy August air. There were no palms in hand. Instead, they carried signs condemning President Trump’s proposed border wall and promoting care for the community’s natural and cultural assets.

On the sloped, graveled levees that lead away from the main road — the last half-mile stretch to the chapel — is where construction of a border wall has been proposed.

Community leaders say doing so would likely cut off the historic church from the rest of the city, trapping it in a no-man’s land between the wall and the winding, languid Rio Grande.

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Shortly before dawn, at least 250 people gathered in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and made the walk to the chapel for a rally where speakers pushed for leaders to reject the wall and called on residents to take action.

Ramos has decades of memories at La Lomita and its grounds. As a child, her parents brought her and her siblings to the chapel for picnics, and as an adult, she brought her children there.

Sometimes, it’s a place she just likes to look at, she said, or meditate or pray. It’s important that La Lomita be protected, she said.

“Right now, we just don’t know where (the wall is) going to go,” Ramos said. “And we’re very troubled about that.”

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