Mavrck Introduces Influence Plugin to Automate In-Moment Influencer Identification, Activation and Retention

Boston, MA: Mavrck, the all-in-one influencer marketing platform, today announced the launch of Influence Plugin, an automated solution for identifying, activating and retaining unique influencer segments in the moment of interaction with a brand’s digital assets. Unlike other influencer marketing networks, platforms and agencies that require significant manual effort to source influencers from closed and static networks, Influence Plugin enables brands to automate the discovery and activation of their most influential shoppers across the online customer journey, from consideration through purchase.

“Many of today’s brands still see influencer marketing a tactic to support one-off campaigns, rather than an always-on effort,” commented Lyle Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Mavrck. “They might rent hundreds of influencers for one campaign, and pay for a well-known celebrity influencer the next. Doing influencer marketing this way highly manual, and often fails to build truly value influencer networks for the brand. Influence Plugin allows brands to develop an automated, always-on approach to influencer marketing, which will help them to grow and retain highly valuable networks of influencers.”

Key benefits of Mavrck Influence Plugin include:  

  • Always-on Discovery: Influence Plugin’s always-on influencer identification solution engages consumers in the moment of interaction with a brand, whether it be onsite, or via email or display ad. This eliminates the need for brands to tap into existing influencer or customer databases, source from a closed network of influencers, or post on social to recruit new influencers.
  • Personalized Recruitment and Activation: Brands can use Influence Plugin to deliver a personalized experience based on a consumer’s social influence. Once identified, Influence Plugin allows for dynamic influencer activation, offering personalized incentives for social sharing based on influence level, demographics, and psychographics.
  • Effective Influencer Retention: Influence Plugin’s always-on retention solution is readily available for existing members of a brand’s influencer network, and removes the requirement for members to remember or bookmark an existing URL.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Referral, Loyalty and E-commerce Platforms: Influence Plugin’s integrations enable brands to build ongoing relationships with their influencer networks, and use their existing marketing solutions to measure…

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