Mayor Garcetti taking his Los Angeles gig national

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is taking his argument on the road, but he doesn’t want you to assume he’s steering himself toward the White House.

At least not yet.

“I have a job I love,” Garcetti says as he makes the rounds at the Democratic National Committee’s annual meeting in Nevada on Saturday. But the 46-year-old mayor adds that he wants Democrats to have “a wide open field” in 2020, and he argues that the party needs “new energy” and “a generational moment” at all levels if it hopes to counter President Donald Trump.

After winning an easy second term this year, Garcetti is an increasingly visible figure nationally, traveling to raise money and campaign for other Democrats.

A presidential bid would run against history; no sitting mayor has won the presidency or even claimed a major party nomination. But Garcetti and several other Democrats of his generation are eying their prospects on the heels of voters electing Barack Obama, four years removed from the Illinois State Senate, and Donald Trump, who never held political office at all.

Garcetti argues frustrated voters should, perhaps, look to mayors, because they have to make government work. “We will represent everybody and we will work with anybody,” he said.

The mayor’s recent circuit includes stops in the first presidential primary state of New Hampshire and the general election battleground of Wisconsin. He has upcoming plans to visit…

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