Missing money at Mile One Centre: Forensic auditor conducting review – Newfoundland & Labrador

Money is missing from Mile One Centre in St. John’s.

As a result, the city’s internal forensic auditor is looking into the books of St. John’s Sports & Entertainment, the group that operates Mile One Centre and the St. John’s Convention Centre.

“Our accounting staff, several months ago, found something that was unusual and surprising in the books, and they have done a thorough review and said ‘something’s not adding up,'” said Coun. Sandy Hickman, the city’s representative on the SJSE board.

‘It’s not in the millions of dollars or anything like that, but it’s not insignificant.’
– Coun. Sandy Hickman

“This is something that’s been going on for a while,” he added. “It’s not in the millions of dollars or anything like that, but it’s not insignificant … it’s not a thousand bucks here or a hundred bucks there. It’s a little bit more than that. So it needs to be addressed.”

Hickman said fraud is one of the possibilities to be considered in the review currently being done by the forensic auditor.

“The review of the missing money is being undertaken as we speak,” he said.

“I don’t expect it will take too much longer. Weeks, not months.”  

Call for operational review

While the missing money review is ongoing, Coun. Jonathan Galgay wants to delve deeper.

“I believe, personally speaking, that council must take steps to reduce administrative costs and to provide improved accountability in its operations,” Galgay said during Monday’s council meeting.

In the meeting, Galgay asked for council’s approval for “an independent operational review” of Mile One and the St. John’s Convention Centre.

Councillor wants board of directors reviewed

“The intent of the review would be to find operational efficiencies, improve transparency and a new governance model,” he said.

Galgay said he also wants a review of the group’s board of directors, despite calling them competent, well-respected members of the community.

“The issue that I have is about…

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