Mobile User Growth Manager, Marketing

Passport is reimagining the transit and parking experience with a suite of SaaS platforms for our clients and mobile applications for end users. Passport’s software platform enables governments to improve operational efficiency for parking and transit operations through smart technology for payments, management, and reporting. By leveraging online and mobile services, leaders are able to access rich data that generate insights that drive better revenue, eliminate waste in the system and improve outcomes for citizens.

Passport’s product lines-parking payments, transit payments, enforcement and permit management–collectively serve to deliver dynamic tools for agencies to better connect with their communities. Its services have been adopted by over 20 of the top 50 cities in North America and over 2,000 locations including Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Portland and Miami. Passport’s mission is to reduce operational complexity and deliver intelligent data to improve decision making for its clients.

Parking and transit may be kind of old-school… but we all need to get around. So many people participate in these activities every day and never think twice about it. We’ve gotten so used to the way things have always been, that most people have also overlooked the opportunity for technology to reduce friction in this daily interaction. But not you! In this role, you have the opportunity to improve the daily lives of millions of users. YOU can make a difference.

As Mobile User Growth Manager (MUG) at Passport, you will be responsible for driving the marketing strategy for engaging and retaining millions of mobile application users. The MUG manager is uniquely positioned to build a deep understanding of our end users and develop marketing initiatives to increase user acquisition and utilization. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to explore new ways to create value for users of our applications.

Responsibilities include:
• Creating and driving marketing plan for acquiring new and growing existing users through focused, data-driven mobile user acquisition and growth strategies.
• Leading efforts to gain a deep understanding of our end users through research and analytics (LTV, segmentation, behavior analysis, market analysis, UX testing etc).
• Developing a communications strategy to effectively nurture and grow our addressable end user base.
• Owning and implementing Passport’s referral program.
• Optimizing Passport’s…

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