Most Requested Pet Product Color is Purple

Sleepypod mobile pet bed (True Violet color)

Purple is the most requested color by Sleepypod customers

Sleepypod®, a Pasadena-based company known for redefining pet products, today announces it is adding a True Violet color to its pet carrier and safety harness lines for a limited time.

“Purple is the most requested color by Sleepypod customers,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder and lead product designer. “We are responding to our customers comments by creating a lush True Violet color that blends elements of purple with blue, Sleepypod’s most popular color.”

Customers can begin pre-ordering Sleepypod products in the new True Violet color starting Thursday, July 25 through the Sleepypod online store at Sleepypod products in the new True Violet color will begin shipping in mid-September 2017.

Products and Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices

  • Sleepypod mobile pet bed $189.99
  • Sleepypod Mini mobile pet bed $169.99
  • Sleepypod Air pet carrier $169.99
  • Sleepypod Atom pet carrier $109.99
  • Clickit Sport safety harness $69.99 to $89.99

About Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

No need to buy multiple products because Sleepypod is three products in one: a carrier, a pet bed, and a safe car seat. Ultra plush bedding surrounded by a luggage-grade, ballistic nylon base forms the bed that easily becomes a carrier by simply zipping on its mesh dome. In a car, the crash-tested Sleepypod becomes a safe car seat. On the road and at your destination away from home, a pet remains in its own bed through the entire journey. The Sleepypod car seat function was crash tested at the standard set for child safety restraints. It is proven to be one of the safest carriers in an auto collision. Instructional video at

About Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Air’s innovative design enables it to contract in size to fit in the space below a range of airline seats during the restricted times of takeoff and landing; once the plane is in the air, Sleepypod Air can expand to allow a pet the largest possible space below an airline seat. For added versatility, seatbelt straps on two sides transform Sleepypod Air into a safe car seat. Removable and…

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