MyMEDIS.IN ICO is Now Live– MyMedis.IN Creates a New Paradigm in the Healthcare Industry Using Block-chain Technology

With MEDIS, users can earn MediCOIN in exchange for their data, and spend them when they need treatment, medication or healthcare services.

MyMedis.In is a patient-centric portal designed to store a copy of your medical records in your medical wallet. The MyMedis.In service incentivizes the patients to benefit monetarily from sharing their behavioral data and medical history. MyMedis.IN is positioned to become a global administrator of medical information of personally generated health data for the patient. This new medical storage system will assist users in locating the right doctor, hospital or clinic to provide the best possible service for treatment or testing on a global scale. World-renowned hospitals can now easily connect and facilitate communications for the best possible patient experience, and patients can share their experiences and treatment regiments.

Patients can sign up using their mobile phones at http://MyMedis.In by tapping on the “patient signup” button. The service is free to patients and includes an ultra-secure three-factor authentication for next level security. The protection of medical information is of paramount concern, and we provide granular detail of how all data is encrypted for security measures.

The portal conveniently works across all platforms including cell phones and all carriers, globally. The company launch will be in the UAE with international expansion plans in 2018.

MyMedis.IN users can upload a short video describing the desired service. MyMedis.In application utilizes advanced voice recognition, a medical data search is performed using spoken relevant terms. Local and regional options are also provided for cultural appropriateness. The system is multi-lingual and automatically detects the country of origin for more accurate search results. International customizations are available upon request. The sign-up process is simple and can be completed using a cell phone. Conveniently, the system also allows payment for services using a personal medical wallet which supports standard and cryptocurrency.

Patients can rate their experience for serviced rendered with accurate feedback on individual providers, available to the MyMedis.IN community. is actively developing partnerships to…

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