New Fiction Novel Explores Self-Discovery After Loss of Loved One

Cover of Anne-Marie Jennings’ novel, “Not Alone on the Voyage”

Author Anne-Marie Jennings has released her debut novel, “Not Alone on the Voyage,” a compelling fiction based in the Canadian Arctic.

The book follows a woman named Sandy who thought she knew everything about her husband Jack, until he died suddenly. Destroyed by grief, she sifts through his belongings and discovers a journal he kept before they met about his time in the small Arctic Circle town of Holman.

In search of answers, Sandy reads Jack’s journal and visits the town. She meets people who not only help her learn more about her husband, but also help her find a strength within she never knew she had. Along her journey, she also meets a man named Charlie who knows a secret her husband had been hiding that will change her life forever.

“Writing is my passion,” said Jennings. “I wrote this book because the characters spoke to me. It’s a labor of love, a story that wanted to be told, and one which wouldn’t leave me alone until I had it down on paper.”

“Not Alone on the Voyage” switches between passages in Jack’s journal and Sandy’s own journey. It focuses on how people deal with loss and can find the strength and courage to move forward. To learn more about the author and the book please visit

“Not Alone on the Voyage”

By Anne-Marie Jennings

ISBN: 978-1-4917-9952-9 (SC), 978-1-4917-9954-3 (HC), 978-1-4917-9953-6 (EC)

Available at and Amazon

About the author

Anne-Marie Jennings has been writing all her life. Whether it’s for newspapers, government departments, or her own enjoyment, writing is her one true passion. “Not Alone on the Voyage” is Jennings’ first…

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