Kevin Spacey was accused by more than a dozen men who say he sexually harassed and attempted to rape them decades ago.

For years, Andy Holtzman had been sharing only with close friends his “strange” story about a scary encounter, when Kevin Spacey groped him in the summer of 1981. For years he thought he was the only one with such a story. Not anymore. 

“I had no idea I was far from alone,” Holtzman told USA TODAY. “It’s a good feeling and a bad feeling at the same time. It felt better for me (to finally talk about it), and not so good for so many others who had the same or similar experiences.”

On Friday, Holtzman became the 15th man to accuse Spacey of sexually assaulting him, in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY after he posted his story on his private Facebook page.

His story is similar in key ways to alleged encounters described by other accusers, but Holtzman’s accusation is the earliest so far. 

It was July in New York and Holtzman was just 27, in his first major job out of college at the New York Shakespeare Festival’s Public Theater, where he was running the fledgling film program. He was in his office one day, phone in hand, when Spacey walked in and sat down at an empty desk. 

Holtzman knew who he was. Then 22, Spacey was an up-and-coming actor, playing a minor role in Henry IV Part 1, according to records.  

“Within minutes, wordlessly, he was up and all over me,” Holtzman says. “The aggression was certainly more than a grope. When I was finally able to push him off and scream (at him), he theatrically stepped back, incredibly angry, grabbed his coat and bag, stormed out and slammed the door.”

Holtzman says he was shocked, then freaked out. Would Spacey get him fired? He kept fretting: What did I do, what signal did I send? And, “what the hell just happened to me?”

“It’s never happened before or since, where somebody physically forces himself on you in a wordless way. In my office, with a phone in my hand, during the day! It was so out of place, so sudden. It was the wordlessness of it — he never spoke to me throughout, not one word. I was saying things, he was saying nothing.”

(USA TODAY confirmed Holtzman was working at the festival’s theater that summer, along with Spacey, via public records, biographies, news reports and other publications from that time.)

Holtzman said he was more stunned by the encounter than…