New Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder Introduced by Standard Process Inc.

Veg-E Complete Pro Chocolate and Veg-E Complete Pro Vanilla offer plant-based protein that can be used to make a convenient, great-tasting shake.

Veg-E Complete Pro™ Chocolate and Veg-E Complete Pro™ Vanilla protein powders are the newest products to join the Standard Process selection of shake products. The plant-based Veg-E Complete Pro™ blend combines organic peas, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds in a complete vegan protein.

One serving of powder provides 15 grams of protein and makes a convenient shake when mixed with water.*

“This is a vegan complete protein, which is unique in the protein shake market,” said Tammi Geiger, director of marketing at Standard Process. “We conducted extensive research in order to include all nine essential amino acids in a delicious and organic shake.”

Proteins are made up of molecules called amino acids. A complete protein supplies all nine essential amino acids in the recommended amounts. (Institute of Medicine 2005) Veg-E Complete Pro products contain branched-chain amino acids that are linked to muscle-building effects in humans. (Blomstrand 2006, Marangon 2010) The body also uses protein for cellular function; enzyme action; increased energy levels; gut health; and support of healthy hair, skin and nails.*

Valuable Protein for Patients

The human body cannot create essential amino acids, so they must be consumed through the diet. Veg-E Complete Pro products are a significant source of supplemental protein that may be beneficial for:

  • Aging adults: As people age, the loss of muscle can negatively affect length and quality of life. Protein supplementation may support the preservation and development of muscle mass. (Wolfe, R. R. 2006)
  • Athletes: When athletes exercise or put stress on the body, they may utilize more protein to recover and heal. This may cause muscle depletion in some cases. (Wolfe, R. R. 2006) It is recommended that athletes, including endurance athletes and those who train with weights, consume extra protein for muscle building and recovery. (Campbell 2007)
  • Weight and glucose management: Protein may help patients who want to support healthy weight and glucose management with a lower-calorie diet feel full longer, as well as preserve lean muscle mass…

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