• Ohio State Fair: What we know Day 2

  • What we know: Ohio State Fair accident

  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich discusses the fatal accident at the Ohio State Fair

COLUMBUS — No one will face criminal charges after a ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart in July, killing one man and injuring seven people.

Four of those people originally weren’t planning to ride in the gondola that broke off the Fire Ball ride on the opening day of the state fair, according to an investigation from state police released Thursday. The ride operator, Cesar Martinez, switched them into their ill-fated seats from a different gondola. “One of the riders was a little overweight and was slouching, and the safety harness wouldn’t secure,” state police said, after interviewing Martinez. 

Those four people included 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell, the U.S. Marines recruit who died in the accident, and his girlfriend, University of Cincinnati student Keziah Lewis, who…