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Daniel Since Day One from Jax:

Paul and you miss the point. We know what Blake Bortles can do. Many of us want to know if Chad Henne‘s years of experience have made him a better decision-maker. We want to know what the young kid – Brandon Allen – looks like against real competition. If Blake played half the game, I’d be OK with that, too, because his three years have not turned into experience that has made him better yet. If he’s going to get better, it’s going to come from playing more. So far, his career path looks just like Henne’s, without the last four years of training.

John: I can’t speak for Paul, but I didn’t miss the point – and I understand what fans want. I also understand that’s not going to sway the Jaguars’ decision-making (nor should it) and I understand that there’s no inclination to upheave the quarterback depth chart – or to vary the quarterback rotation in preseason. The preseason is about getting the team prepared for the regular season – and about evaluation. If the coaches and decision-makers feel players need to rotate with the first team to evaluate, then that will happen. If they don’t, that’s not going to happen – and it’s sure not going to happen because the fans want to know something. Until something dramatic happens or until someone says differently, Bortles is the starting quarterback, Henne is the backup and Allen is the third-team quarterback. Preseason repetitions will reflect as such.

Nathan from Fort Belvoir, VA:

Do you believe Tom Coughlin will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? It seems his resume is quite impressive.

John: Yes. And yes it is.

Marc from Oceanway:

When does the All Knowing Oehser-Sense predict Aaron Colvin will be off the PUP list?

John: I don’t pretend to be all-knowing, but I think Jaguars cornerback Aaron Colvin will be in the lineup Week 1 of the regular season.

Marc from Oceanway:

Curious how many emails you’ve received since our first preseason game commenting that Chad Henne or Branden Allen should be our starting quarterback?

John: A comical amount.

Hunter from Jacksonville:

John: Sure. It was a speedy wide receiver against a third-team defense in a non-game-plan situation? Bortles could make that throw. Henne made one like it in the first half. And Allen clearly made it. It’s a good situation to have a bunch of guys who can make that throw.

Bill from Hammock, FL:

O-man, so we do have a quarterback backup…

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