Obama's Tears: The Science of Men Crying

Obama's Tears: The Science of Men Crying
Women's higher levels of the hormone prolactin (which is involved in breast-feeding) may spur them to tears, whereas men's higher testosterone levels may inhibit tears, one theory holds. In fact, one 1998 study in the journal Cornea found that … Men …
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I Quit My Job A Year Ago. Here's What I've Learned.
After spending my entire career in a highly structured corporate environment, the freedom to set my own schedule seemed like the ultimate productivity hack. After all, I know … In my first year of being an entrepreneur, I quickly learned that …
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All you need to know about fringe benefits
They are offered in addition to the defined compensation structure. Recent explosion of the digital platform industry … But acting as an outlier to this industry trend, these benefits are more popular among the start-ups who aspire to operate at a …
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