October was an amazing month for new music. Here are 9 standout releases.

johIt’s finally autumn! Leaves are falling, temps are dropping, and hopefully your Halloween costume went off without a hitch. But more importantly, it’s time for fall playlists — and October saw a bunch of great new songs to add to your autumnal leaf-crunching mixtape. From an unexpected intercontinental collaboration to unreleased tracks from one of 2015’s best albums, this month was full of excellent new releases.

Kurt and Courtney (yes, they’re aware they have famous names)

I never expected that Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett would join forces, but now that their collaboration album Lotta Sea Lice exists, I can’t remember a world before they were a pair. Australian rocker Barnett and Philadelphia guitarist Vile, known for his solo albums and for co-creating the War on Drugs, meld perfectly — their styles are shockingly similar. These long-haired lazy-rock artists balance each other out too. Barnett’s singsong voice lifts the gloomy Vile out of the darkness; Vile’s slower cadence tempers Barnett’s instinct to cram too many syllables into one verse.

The above single, “Continental Breakfast,” is great, but two other standout tracks on Lotta Sea Lice appear when the singers cover each other’s songs: “Outta the Woodwork” is Vile covering Barnett; vice versa with “Peepin’ Tom.”

A Canadian punk-pop boy band breaks through

Little Junior, a pop-punk band from Toronto, barely had any online presence before the release of their October single “Accolades” — an Instagram post here and there and only one other single. That light internet footprint made the high-production video for their new single all the more surprising — and great.

For “Accolades,” the four members of Little Junior flew to Guangzhou, China, to shoot a wacky boy-band-style dance video in white jumpsuits on top of a helipad. (And yes, that’s as ridiculous as it sounds, especially for a punk band.) The track itself is a shredding jam about the upside-down state your mind enters when you’re feeling jealous. Little Junior is touring this fall — keep an eye out for more music from them.

A worthwhile solo effort from Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage is the co-frontman of Parquet Courts, and his sing-talk style of delivering lyrics gives that band its distinctive vocal sound. It’s sort of a given, then, that Thawing Dawn, his first solo album under the name A. Savage, will have a similar vocal sensibility — and that’s…

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