Oklahoma Court Reporting Firm Steno Services LLC Enhances Video Conferencing Abilities

The owner of Steno Services LLC, Ginger Baze, has looked for opportunities to enhance her business, and one way of doing so has been to design a video conferencing suite that is fully mobile. That suite is now available for those who need help with depositions taking place from a distance as well as many other uses for many other scenarios.

Oklahoma court reporting firm Steno Services LLC aims to be on the cutting edge of technology to make depositions available in a format easiest for lawyers and the participants in those proceedings. In the past, traveling to these events has been problematic as far as costs, time, and scheduling.

As technology has improved, however, attorneys do not have to sacrifice the quality provided by a dedicated and highly experienced court reporter. Instead, now lawyers can make use of a broad range of services provided by court reporting firms like Steno Services LLC at the click of a button.

Steno Services LLC has offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Hugo and has recently expanded their ability to make use of video conferencing equipment. All necessary video and audio equipment to handle video conferencing needs at any remote location now enables the court reporters working for Steno Services LLC to service a broad range of attorneys needing deposition help.

This mobile video conferencing room is complete with a PTZ camera, monitors, Intel NUC computing system, JetPack Internet LTE connections, and a full duplex audio speakerphone featuring Crystal Clear technology. This allows the video conferencing suite to be set up at any location, cutting down on the hassle and expenses of traveling and allowing attorneys to earn more and stay in their office focused on clients. The price for mobile video conferencing is extremely reasonable especially when calculating in the increased billable hours to go right back to work when completed, travel time, mileage, and flight tickets.

The uses for this video conferencing suite go beyond court reporting as it can be used for trial preparation, witness preparation, co-council meetings and employee meetings across multiple locations, brainstorming and collaboration meetings, interviews, expert witness consultations, and many other uses. These are events that would not require a court reporter or even a conference room oftentimes and would definitely…

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