op 10 best shared work spaces in New York City in 2017

Gone are the days of working in a traditional office setting, where cubicles separate colleagues and the only social interactions occur around the water cooler. The rise in coworking spaces in New York City, and other tech hub cities around the world, has left more people yearning for work environments that are open, collaborative, inspiring and stimulating.  But are these shared office spaces just a fad or are they indeed the future of business?  

A lot has changed since Courtney Boyd Myers authored a popular post here on TNW called The 5 Coolest Coworking Spaces in New York City. There has been explosion of new NYC accelerators, incubators and shared office space options catering to startups, marketing professionals, developers, gig-workers and freelance professionals.

I thought the list could use an upgrade so I took to the streets to find the 10 most unique and coolest coworking spaces in NYC in 2017.

1) WeWork Harlem

WeWork Harlem is like the Starbucks of coworking — it’s the name that pops up most in the media for coworking. WeWork’s formula is strong and robust: countless locations, glass offices, phone booths, free fruit infused water, craft beer on tap and, of course, great networking events. As far as vibe goes, WeWork Harlem does not have the typical “selling the Y” corporate feel that you get at most of their other locations.

When I walked into WeWork Harlem, I was greeted by friendly community managers and hosts. I liked the setup of the large bleacher type seating in the main space when you walk in the front door — seems like it would be a great setting for events.

Since it was Thursday, after a business appointment, I joined in on the happy hour and treats WeWork Harlem had for the members.  I usually don’t like WeWork offices because they are so corporate-like, but I think WeWork Harlem is a different community to begin with.

I would like to say it’s the diversity of the community that is both encouraging and offers a strong community atmosphere. This is what I personally look for in a coworking environment. If I don’t feel like welcome, like at coworking spaces Fuel or Blender, then I’m not going to go back or recommend it to others.

2) District CoWork

With a prime location in the center of Manhattan, District CoWork sits near Madison Square Park. This shared working space emits a very social and energetic vibe so members can put their maximum amount of energy into work.

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