Our culture is experiencing a hostile takeover. We must stop rejecting God if we ever want it to end

The recent Texas church shooting, the terrorist driving a truck through a crowd in New York City, and the Las Vegas massacre may seem shocking – but to anyone who has been paying attention, they should not.

Our culture is undergoing a hostile takeover. American society used to be governed by Judeo-Christian do-unto-others morals. But we have drifted (been pushed, really) into a hedonistic YOLO (You Only Live Once) cultural morass. The upshot of this is a distinct lack of respect for human life in general, as well as a pervasive, insidious obsession with self.

This is the “me” generation, the “selfie” culture, the “entitlement” mentality. And what is entitlement, except the narcissistic assumption of deserving and demanding what is not earned?

Our cultural crisis is exhibited by egotistic multimillionaires demonstrating on football fields against the police instead of seeking solutions to rampant inner-city violence; coddled young people demanding free birth control and socialized health care; and even the major media ignoring the corruption trial of Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.

No amount of self-love can fill the God-shaped hole in someone’s heart. We are created and called to love each other, and no self-absorbed spa treatment or Instagram post can supplant our innate yearning for love from God.

Another example of the crisis is the…

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