Out with the old, in with new: 21st century marketing ideas

We are 17 years into the 21st century and a lot has changed in as far as marketing tools, methods and practices are concerned.


The face of business has evolved and and so has the customer demands. When change happens, it is important for every marketing practitioner to move with that change otherwise you become a liability to your business and wonder why you seem to play victim to your competition all the time.

It is in this era that you now have to say goodbye to some traditional marketing methods no matter how sentimental they are to you. Traditionally, marketing focuses on three key responsibilities: understanding the customer, how and where to market and building the brand promise.

These responsibilities are now transforming into new dimensions that require marketers to function and collaborate differently. We are talking about the new marketing imperatives of understanding the client as an individual, having a clear view of the client experience journey or the systems of engagement and lastly, integrating the company’s culture and brand to be authentically one.

Below are a few keys for you and your business to stay relevant in this era we are in.

Innovation: The master key for the future

The key to staying in the game is to keep on evolving and innovating. This is a word that has of late been used very loosely without really considering how much should be invested into it.

When you launch a unique product or service, it is important to note that some, if not all, of your competitors are already studying, copying and putting their own unique additions to your design or concept. Hence, your product becomes obsolete the moment it hits the commercial market. The only way to stay in the game is constant innovation of your technology or design so that it always stays above your competitors. Consumer needs are fast changing. Customers are craving for speed, portability, efficiency and so on. As a marketer, you must be the influence necessary in your business to bring about what your customer is demanding.

Cross selling of products: Best way for customer “lock-in”

We must never think of business around a one-time transaction or single interaction with the customer. Usually the customers like to buy an extra product which complements or enhances the original purchase. Offer the customer a variety of products which are both essential for the customer to enjoy an additional benefit. While it sounds like an intelligent…

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