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Many excellent professionals unite under the cause of healthy families in this community. The combined knowledge and experience that these providers lend toward healthy families and optimal child development is impressive and encouraging. Nonetheless, there are ‘cracks’ in the coverage our community services can offer. Tireless efforts of caring professionals sometimes can seem like a thin bandage on a gaping wound.

Crossroads of Crawford County was formed and incorporated as a nonprofit under the mission to provide additional hope and encouragement to families in a unique way. In addition to serving the needs of individuals and families through any life situation and through the whole life span, the initial board and director of Crossroads were intent on not duplicating services, yet through years of experience with families, knew that many times, they struggle to get connected to those very services for a variety of reasons – financial, practical, and emotional.

Thus, referral assistance is a huge part of their task. Crossroads of Crawford County makes a non-invasive connection with the family and give individualized support in connecting with the right programs, professionals, and services in the community. Crossroads of Crawford County continues individualized care by checking in and simply listening and encouraging along the way.

Resourcing is another way Crossroads of Crawford County helps, as in spite of the capability of the unlimited information on the internet, it is still hard to find relevant, trustworthy, and reputable information for many family matters, especially when a family feels overwhelmed with the situation going on for them.

Sometimes families want or need additional support beyond the resourcing and referral assistance. Creative intervention involving the use of volunteer mentors or Pathway Partners, as Crossroads typically calls them, goes a long way in enabling a safe and healthy environment for a person of any age. It may be mentoring a young person who needs self-confidence and encouragement… or teaching parenting skills to an overwhelmed parent… closely walking with a person on an important decision-making process…accessing specialized information… seeking to stir hope in the face of deeply trying times…or simply befriending a person. The incredible power and affirmation of a volunteer that understands the heart of the matters for the families that Crossroads of Crawford County visits is priceless.

Reducing the risk of child abuse is a paramount concern for Crossroads. Crossroads of Crawford County knows that because of the fascinating brain development of a newborn, toddler, and young child, that the first years truly last forever. Our future literally depends on healthy families. With this in mind, Crossroads has arranged for mini grant monies through Crawford…

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