Patrick Murphy: The law and the muni

Boulder County election workers Gayle O-Hair, right, Kim Gibbs, and Laurel Fields, take boxes of ballots that had been counted to a secure room on Nov. 8, the day after Election Day 2017. (Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer)

I was recently labeled the chief disinformation officer in spite of revealing the true cost of the muni and listing alternatives over and over and over. See Regina Cowles (wife of Macon Cowles) even had the nerve to state that half of Boulder had already voted for the muni when the early releases of those votes on election night showed 55 percent against the muni and 44 percent for the muni. They can slash me all they want, that does not change the truth about the muni fiasco, and that about half of Boulder does not want it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with driving voters to the polls and giving them pizza — when they ask for the ride and are not propagandized on the trip. New Era has one goal, to continue the muni under the premise of promoting renewables. Those who voted against the muni are also in favor of renewables, just not the waste of time and money that the muni has consistently demonstrated. The district attorney will determine if the charge I filed is frivolous, not Regina Cowles or Judy Amabile. My guess is that if there was any vote coaching at all, then there was a violation of the law.

Getting people to vote and giving them pizza is great, coaching them on the way to the voting booth as a part of that process may be illegal. We will find out.

Disenfranchising anyone is not my goal or acceptable; tricking the naïve just might be. Whether the pro-muni folks like it or not, here is the law. Focus on section(a). To me this sounds exactly like what New Era did.


“(1) It is unlawful for any person, directly, by himself, or through any other person: (a) To pay, loan, or contribute or offer or promise to pay, loan, or contribute any money or other valuable consideration to or for any qualified or registered elector or to or for any other person to induce such elector to vote or refrain from voting at any municipal election, or to induce any…

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