On Sunday morning, a single shooter entered the Antioch church. Monday evening, Metro Police held a press conference to update the case.
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In 2012, Emanuel K. Samson greeted a Sunday morning with warm enthusiasm.

“Rise & shine,” he wrote on Facebook in January of that year. “It’s church time!”

It had become a typical refrain. For years, Samson wrote regularly of his Christian faith and his excitement about going to church.


There was a vigil held at Ezell-Harding Christian School for the shooting that took place at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ

At times, he offered to bring friends along so he could grow his church family.

But this Sunday, more than five years later, was different.

At 10:01 a.m., he sent a message to his employers at Crimson Security Service saying he would not be returning to work. Within an hour, investigators said, he arrived at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in a hail of gunfire.

Now, police say, the congregation he once called home has lost a member at his hands.

Samson, 25, left Melanie Crow to die in the parking lot after shooting her multiple times, police said. Inside, police and witnesses said, he sprayed the sanctuary with bullets, indiscriminately hitting six people and pistol whipping another.


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Multiple interactions with police in months before the shooting

The portrait of a troubled man has emerged following revelations of a series of events in the months before that explosion of violence.

On Jan. 29, Samson’s girlfriend told police in Murfreesboro that he punched and broke a TV during a fight. On Feb. 11, Samson told police the same woman had come to his apartment and pushed on the door when he asked her to leave.

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No charges were filed in either case.

On June 27, Samson threatened to kill himself in an alarming text message to his father. “… I have a gun to my head, have a nice F—— life,” he wrote.

But Nashville police officers found Samson to be fine when they located him at a Donelson Pike office for G4S, a private security firm.

Samson never worked for G4S — a spokeswoman there said he was not offered a position…