Photos: Pearl Charles from Desert Daze to Bluebird Theater

Denver — Pearl Charles has a soul that’s neither young nor old, it’s current, it’s deep and thoughtful. Her music, her sound, covers decades. She may not know where she’s going, but she knows where she’s from — Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Red Bull Sound Select brought her to Denver and that’s where she shared some of the things she’s gained along the road from California to Colorado.

Her geographical roots are between Laurel Canyon and Joshua Tree. “I grew up a few blocks from Laurel Canyon which is where I live now. It was a huge influence on me. I didn’t make the connection till later in life, there was some sort for kindred connection there. Just since I was young,” she said. “My parents have a house in Joshua Tree. When I was in High School, I started going out there. This sounds a little, hippy dippy, I was feeling very drawn to listening to Classic Country music — Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and all these artists. I would later find out Gram’s influences and it was just a very spiritual connection to that music and that place for me. He (Gram Parsons) is a very important figure in merging Country and Rock. For me now, I’m trying to carry that torch forward.”

“There’s like so much crazy amazing art and music being made in the desert. It’s a hospitable place for that because L.A.’s expensive. People can actually afford to live out there and make the art they want to make and open the studios they want to open.”

Her musical roots are from Patsy Cline to Linda Ronstadt and The Stones. These roots grow from her heart through Southern California to the world. She’s Disco, Classic Country and Rock. It’s not confused, it’s genuine — she understands the importance of music styles. She lets musicians speak to her and the imprint inspires her voice. She’s awake in the moment and very aware of history, especially music history.

She knows her heroes from the places they share. The Eagles, Neil Young, and Emmylou Harris are among her favorites. She’s aware of the kindred relationship she has with other artists. She’s a dreamer, a traveller and a storyteller.

“I’ve been pretty quiet on stage for a while and then we played at Desert Daze. We were playing a kind of intimate, tent setting, we didn’t have drums because our drummer was on tour with another band. But it was like an acoustic show, he normally sings and does percussion. I felt like, people were sitting on the ground, very…

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