KUSA – Prosecutors have offered a plea deal to two women facing multiple felony charges for allegedly sparking a fire at an adult foster home that killed three people last May.

The deal could mean they both end up without a felony on their record. 

The fire at the Robb House in Arvada started after the two employees charged with caring for disabled adults, Shana “Dee” Moore and Mary “Liz” Turner, failed to properly extinguish a cigarette.

Shana Moore was the mother of Cristina Covington, 24, and grandmother of Marielle Covington, 4, who were visiting the home and died in the fire. The third victim, Tanya Bell, 39, was intellectually and developmentally disabled and used a wheelchair. Bell called 911 to report the fire, but was unable to escape due to her disabilities.

Another man, Arthur Reigel, suffered…