Preaching security after deadly Tennessee church shooting

When a masked gunman killed a woman and wounded six people at a Tennessee church last weekend, it drew national attention — as did the 2015 massacre of nine black church members in Charleston, South Carolina, the 2014 slayings of three people at a Kansas Jewish center and retirement home and the 2012 killings of six at a Wisconsin Sikh temple.

Those high-profile cases make headlines, but they reflect a jarring reality: violence in church isn’t unusual. On average, according to one church security consultant’s data, there’s a deadly attack twice a month at a U.S. house of worship or religious facility.

It’s a major reason why pastors, rabbis, imams and other religious leaders turn to consultants to make their members less vulnerable.

“There is a certain amount of insulation that goes on in churches and it is a rude awakening for some when a violent event happens in the community or, Lord forbid, happens within the house of worship,” said David Benson, an Orlando, Florida, security consultant.

Some shootings, like Sunday’s at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, have uncertain motives. Others were committed because of their victims’ race or religion. Many fatal attacks get little national notice as the motive is robbery or a broken marriage.

“Churches, you don’t lock the doors. But you know, we may have to. It’s sad,” said David “Joey” Spann, Burnette’s pastor who…

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