Prescription heroin: The alternative approach to opioid addiction?

by: Tom Regan

ATLANTA – As deaths continue to escalate from the opioid and heroin crisis across the country and here in Georgia, Channel 2 Action News visited an addiction clinic doing something you may say is unthinkable: giving heroin to addicts. 

Despite the controversy, studies and patients experiences back up the success of the approach.

The idea behind it is simple: If addicts are going to use heroin, why not give it to them in a safe environment? 

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The drugs are not contaminated, addicts don’t turn to crime and they can start to rebuild their lives.

Such treatment may seem irrational, even dangerous, but it’s gaining attention as the U.S. and Georgia battle an epidemic of overdose deaths.

Of the 1,300 overdose deaths in Georgia, in 2015, 900 of them were due to opioids and heroin.

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